Finalit Services. We revive your stones!

Why not choose the reliable, convenient services of a Finalit StoneCare Team!

No matter where you are located, our Finalit team will come directly to you. We first analyze then apply an effective treatment to solve the problem. You will regain the beauty and shine of your natural stone after a short procedure.

Finalit services! Your guarantee for brilliant results!

We are specialized in the renovation, cleaning, impregnation and maintenance of natural stone, artificial stone and porcelain tiles. Where others are at a loss, we can remove even the most stubborn stains with our know-how and our products.

We treat:

  *   Natural stone | artificial stone | ceramic tiles

  *   Interior and exterior areas

  *   Historical sites/buildings | old and new

  *   Large and small areas

  *   Floors | walls | facades | steps

  *   Vanities | countertops

  *   Private households | commercial properties

  *   Hotels | fitness centers

  *   Bathrooms | kitchen | terraces


We reliably remove

    Grease Lime
    Grouting residues
    Adhesive residues
    Epoxy resin residues
    Cement residues
    Moss infestation
    algae infestation
    Chewing gum
    Mould Graffiti
    Burns Stubborn
    stains of any kind

Finalit products have been developed through many years of research which makes them unmatched and incomparable in their effectiveness.

With Finalit StoneCare products, clear service concept and the right tools, we maintain an exceptional position in the market .

We have the know-how and the means to deal with any challenge.